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Artist's Statement
I create public art, stained glasses, and collectible miniatures. My art is inspired by pop culture—comics, video games, movies, music, sports, and fashion—along with Renaissance and 20th-century pop art.

My "Inflatable Candies" project uses giant toy animal sculptures to spotlight environmental issues, animal protection, and minority rights.
"GOAT" features unique stained glass pieces honoring influential cultural, scientific, and sports figures.
"Arc De Libertee" offers affordable miniature replicas from "GOAT," making high art accessible.

With a background in industrial and graphic design, I integrate innovative materials and techniques, including digital art and NFTs. My work seamlessly fits into art venues, charity events, and brand collaborations.
My goal is to bring joy and inspiration to viewers, showing that art can be as engaging and accessible as movies or comics. Through my art, I hope to inspire others and contribute to a more thoughtful and connected society.
Artist's Bio
Misha Libertee (Mikhail Tsaturyan) is an artist and multidisciplinary designer. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Misha's works are distinguished by bright, positive subjects and deliberately commercial aesthetics. Individual style and sense of humor make his work go viral on the Internet and incredibly popular with an audience not previously interested in contemporary art.
Michael's most famous works are the 23-meter #Slonik at the Burning Man 2019 #Kraken on the embankment of Zaryadye Park #Serna in Sochi and a virtual exhibition of collectible bricks, in Minecraft, which the artist held in the midst of lockdown 2020.
The track record of the young author includes collaborations with charity funds and international brands, as well as participation in major festivals and art fairs.
The creator of a virtual avatar with artificial intelligence is Misha Cybertee, who in the near future will replace his biological prototype not only in the metaverse but also in the public space of the physical world.
Misha Libertee (Mikhail Tsaturyan) is a Los Angeles-based artist and multidisciplinary designer of Armenian descent. Raised in a creatively charged environment with both of his parents working in the fashion industry, Misha's early exposure to visual artistry shaped his passion for creativity. His childhood love for comics, music, and cinema laid the groundwork for his cultural inspirations, which later influenced the narratives within his artwork.

Misha embarked on his artistic journey through graffiti, tattoo artistry, and hand-painted clothing, all while studying art at a private school in St. Petersburg. Immersed in hip-hop and pop culture, his favorite historical period remains the Renaissance era, so he not only remembers the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by names but also knows after whom they are named.

His professional career started in China, where he worked as an industrial designer, creating children's toys, sports accessories, and wearable electronics. During his four-year stint in China, Misha participated in his initial exhibitions, primarily among the expatriate community.

In 2016, Misha established himself as a professional artist, combining his manufacturing expertise with his love for the arts. His inaugural public artwork, "D 1000," a fusion of Michelangelo's David and T 1000 - the liquid metal Terminator from T2, was featured in a sculptural park in Switzerland. This groundbreaking piece encapsulated his two major passions — pop culture and Renaissance art. Subsequently, Mikhail created a series of works employing this distinctive and ironic style, gaining recognition as a digital artist on the internet.

Since 2017, he has been a regular participant at Burning Man in the Nevada desert, showcasing his "Inflatable Candies" series, which features extremely oversized animalistic toys each with its own eco-educational mission. Notably, his 75-ft (23 m) #Slonik, highlighting the problem of elephants mistreatment in Africa and Asia, on Burning Man 2019 and #Vagr, a gigantic pink tiger unveiled at Burning Man 2023, are among the most celebrated works from this series.

Another signature collection of the artist is his "GOAT" (Greatest Of All Time) series, which features stained glasses depicting individuals who have influenced the development of modern civilization in various areas of culture, science, and sports. The author pays homage to people who have changed history, rather than mocking religious canons.

As part of this series, in addition to the unique handmade stained glass windows, the artist also releases a limited edition series of miniature collectibles called "Arc De Libertee." These miniatures serve as a tool for mass adoption, providing a relatively accessible entry point for a new audience into the realm of contemporary art collecting.

In 2023, Misha opened his own church in the Metaverse, serving as a permanent 24/7 digital exhibition space accessible from any corner of the globe, affirming his dedication to making art universally accessible.
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Project uses giant toy animal sculptures to spotlight environmental issues, animal protection, and minority rights.
Features unique stained glass pieces honoring influential cultural, scientific, and sports figures.
Offers affordable miniature replicas from "GOAT," making high art accessible.
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