Metro card to the World of Art
Mission of Libertile Is to attract young and progressive audience into the world of art.
I want to make art for each and everyone. Available and affordable not only to a private club of collectors, but also to the public.
Misha Libertee
Inflatable Candies

In 2019 I brought to Miami the exhibition "Inflatable candies" - a collection of animals made in a minimalist style. The shape of the animals is so simplified that there are only a few details, which make it possible to guess the prototype with a bit of imagination.

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This year I went even further and simplified the form as much as possible.

Brick is an ideal element from which architectural masterpieces have been created for many centuries while the brick itself does not give public any thrill.

At the intersection of the object and subjects, familiar to everyone, the original LIBERTILE collection appears.
Each Tile has its own unique symbolic coloring, as well as certificate of authenticity, serial number and personal message/wish from the author.
Each LiberTile owner is free to do with it, whatever his soul desires.
IBERTILE is a rarity, it is not mass produced, and each circulation is strictly limited in quantity:
For example, this is a design option that could be purchased exclusively in 2019.

Its coloring is not accidental - it is a reference to the main art that I created in 2019 - #Slonik, and the logo is the color of the next main art, the design of which is still a secret.

Since the idea came to me only at the end of the year, only three Libertile 2019 Edition were produced. All of them have already found their owners and will no longer be released.

That is how the main LIBERTILE of the year 2020 looks like.

The circulation is open - it means that there will be exactly as much LIBERTILES as how much they will be purchased in 2020.

LIBERTILE 2021 will be released in 2021, the main color of which is used in LIBERTILE 2020 logo.
Want more?
There are also a number of limited edition LIBERTILES available in a different designs in which I reflect the evolution of visual culture through the centuries: urban environment, classical art, design, fashion, and pop culture etc.