A piece of art in the form of a mythical monster was installed as part of the exhibition of nominees for the 1st Moscow Art Prize. It complemented the exposition of works of contemporary art, which are presented at viewpoints, in the pavilions of the park and in the exhibition hall.
According to the legend
Kraken is a giant cephalopod that could drag even the largest warship to the bottom of the ocean with its tentacles. Mikhail Tsaturyan's #KRAKEN seems to swim in the Moscow River and is covered with labels of products that pollute the world's oceans on an industrial scale: plastic, lithium, aluminum. The art object allows you to think about how the monster described by sailors back in the 18th century is a myth. If we imagine that the Kraken consists of all the debris that is now in the world's oceans, then the strength and scale of this creature can sink even the largest ship of our time.
«In my works, I try to address social issues not only because it is relevant in modern society, but above all because I consider it a personal problem and responsibility. You need to start with yourself, and that is why, among other logos, Kraken also has mine - as a reminder to myself about the need to sort garbage and reasonable consumption. I hope my work will make someone think about saving the planet, or at least about bringing garbage to the nearest bin next time».
Michael Tsaturyan
Inflatable Candies
#KRAKEN is part of the Inflatable Candies project, a collection of minimalistic animal sculptures. The shape of the characters is so simplified that they have only a few details that allow you to guess the prototype. Each work draws attention to a specific social problem. The collection was presented at the PULSE Art Fair in Miami in 2019.
Another work from this series is a 23-meter elephant that conquered the Burning Man in 2019
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Michael Tsaturyan
Misha Libertee
Misha Libertee (Michael Tsaturyan) is an artist and multidisciplinary designer. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Misha's works are distinguished by bright, positive subjects and deliberately commercial aesthetics. Individual style and sense of humor make his work go viral on the Internet and incredibly popular with an audience not previously interested in contemporary art.
Michael's most famous works are the 23-meter #Slonik at the Burning Man 2019 #Kraken on the embankment of Zaryadye Park #Serna in Sochi and a virtual exhibition of collectible bricks, in Minecraft, which the artist held in the midst of lockdown 2020.
The track record of the young author includes collaborations with charity funds and international brands, as well as participation in major foreign festivals and art fairs.
The creator of a virtual avatar with artificial intelligence is Misha Cybertee, who in the near future will replace his biological prototype not only in the metaverse but also in the public space of the physical world.
Moscow Art Prize
Award in the field of contemporary art, a project of the Foundation for the Development of Contemporary Art, implemented with the support of the Department of Culture of the City of Moscow. The competition is held in five categories: Fine Arts and Architecture, Cinema, Theatre, Music, Literature. More than 800 applications were submitted for the Prize from authors and creative teams from Russia, Germany, Austria, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The prize fund is 33,000,000 rubles.
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The author expresses special gratitude to Andrey Levin for his support and assistance in creating the work.