Greatest Of All Time
A windows of New Era Church
The times have changed - the old idols are no longer relevant. Modern civilization has given us new heroes, who are followed and admired by huge groups of people. Many of these groups outnumber the entire population of the earth during the lives of Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, or other prophets.
In ancient times, people did not have access to media resources that would allow them to come in contact with the image they adored, pay homage to them or simply share a sense of being interconnected with other fans.

So people began to build temples and decorate them with the faces of their idols. They gathered in these temples and enjoyed the work of their idols, dedicated pictures to them, called children in their honor, etc.

Today we can go to Youtube any time and see Kurt Cobain or Michael Jackson alive. We can go to a concert of Madonna or even the holographic Tupac. We wear sneakers that carry the name of Michael Jordan, and T-shirts - with the name of Pele. We can watch movies starring Bruce Lee over and over, or subscribe to Kim Kardashian's instagram and follow her life "live ".

People stopped going to temples, but did not stop worshiping other people
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Please check each item individually. Some unique works, like stained glass mosaics and paintings may have already been purchased or reserved by someone.
This project does not intend to offend someone's feelings or make fun of religious canons. It is rather a reflection of our times and a way to pay tribute to the people who influenced the modern civilization in various areas of culture. Scientists, musicians and athletes are our new idols, and the stained glass is only a carrier that can accentuate their cult-like popularity.
Misha Libertee