sochi, Russia
Not just a regular goat
The five-meter tall red sculpture depicts the living symbol of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort - the Caucasian chamois. The new public art object is a continuation of the series of giant inflatable sculptures by artist Michael Tsaturyan and has been named #SERNA. With his new work, the author again spoke on the environmental theme: in this way, Michael supported the work on the conservation of wildlife, which the resort is carrying out as part of the implementation of the sustainable development strategy, and calls on everyone to share the values ​​of caring for the environment.
The idea of installing a new public art in the shape of a chamois was born by Michael Tsaturyan during a visit to the Krasnaya Polyana Resort.
For the first time I saw Caucasian chamois on a panoramic platform at an altitude of 2000 meters. They behaved absolutely naturally, resting at the foot of a mountain range, despite the fact that they were only a mile from the cable car. It was all the more surprising to learn that this subspecies of chamois is one of the smallest, but at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort the animals feel great, it is clear that they are not disturbed here.
Michael Tsaturyan
The opening date of the new art object was set for World Wildlife Day to emphasize the importance of respect for the environment.
According to Andrey Krukovsky, CEO of the resort, the Caucasian chamois sculpture is a reminder of the vulnerability of wildlife. “About 110 Caucasian chamois live permanently in the resort. We monitor their numbers and take care of their well-being. We create calm zones and carry out biotechnical events, we are engaged in environmental education. Guests of the resort can watch chamois in their natural habitat while walking along numerous eco-trails or with the help of free binoculars on the panoramic platform,” Andrei Krukovsky noted.
According to the curator of the project from the Horovod development platform, Lydia Russkova, the new integration of a public art object into the territory of the resort is an opportunity to draw people's attention to important topics in an original way through contemporary art and inspire them to gain knowledge about nature. “Today, human activities negatively affect ecosystems across the planet. Last year, in a report from the World Wildlife Fund, we learned that over 50 years, the population of thousands of species of vertebrates on Earth has declined by almost 70%. Our red chamois is a symbol of the desire for a harmonious neighborhood of man and wildlife.”
#SERNA will stay at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort for the whole year, you can see the work of Mikhail Tsaturyan better by getting up to Polyana 960.