Misha Libertee

Artist | Designer
Public Art
Inflatable Candies - A collection of gigantic sculptures of minimalist design, each piece has its own eco-educational mission.
#Slonik is a 23m/75ft tall art installation. Designed to draw attention to the problem of abuse and extinction of elephants in Africa and Asia.
First introduced in May 2019. In one of the Moscow's public parks. In the summer of 2019, Slonik appeared at the Faces & Laces and Usadba Jazz festivals, after which he went across the ocean to the Burning Man festival. Where he became one of the symbols of that year and got into all sorts of ratings of prestigious world publications, such as Forbes, Artsy and many others.
After the success at Burning Man, #Slonik went on tour in California - Burning Man Decompressoin in San Francisco and Venice Afterburn in Los Angeles.
In the same year, Michael created a whole collection of animal sculptures of minimalist design - Inflatable Candies, which he announced at the Artists Playground by Pullman exhibition in Dubai. And later presented completely in Miami at the Pulse Art Fair.
In October 2020, Misha was nominated for the first Moscow Art Prize. As part of this nomination, an exhibition was held in Moscow's Zaryadye Park, where Mikhail presented his new public art work #KRAKEN
#KRAKEN was created to draw attention to the problem of pollution of the world's oceans and promote separate waste collection and reasonable consumption.
In the future, #Kraken will continue the tradition taken by #Slonik and go with its mission to Burning Man
On World Wildlife Day, at the Krasnaya Polyana resort, artist Michael Tsaturyan presented the #SERNA public art object - a five-meter tall inflatable sculpture depicting a Caucasian chamois. As a vivid reminder to local tourists that they are guests of a nature. And we must first of all think about its inhabitants.
#Serna is the third public art work in the Inflatable Candies series - minimalistic animals, each with an eco-education mission.