Museum of russian impressionism
Birth of a Legend
Art Project dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Borjomi Mineral Waters
From October 22 to 28, on the ground floor of the museum, you can see the Birth of a Legend art project, which, in honor of its 130th anniversary, presents the Borjomi brand together with artist Mikhail Tsaturyan.

The inspiration for Mikhail Tsaturyan's art installation "The Birth of a Legend" was the living energy of the elements and the history of the brand. In an unusual format, the “birth” of a legend is repeated before the viewer. The art project is observed throughout the history of observing each falling rainwater, which originates in the volcanic depths of Georgia in the Borjomi Valley.

The artist will present four natural elements - fire, water, earth and air of life - as integral parts of Borjomi itself. The exposition also includes videos about unknown facts and curious details about the product. They meet the requirements of different eras and follow the development of the brand's packaging: the appearance of cans, various formats and limited collections.