A complete collection of Misha Libertee's artworks
Dear parishioners, welcome to Libertee Church in the Metaverse!
Here you can see the most comprehensive collection of works by artist Misha Libertee.
This is perhaps the only temple that is open 24/7 and is available to all people regardless of religion, gender, race, place of birth and even location. Everyone who has any device with access to the internet can come here and enjoy examples of contemporary art in a modern way of its consumption, meet people, and chat with the author.
Misha Libertee
On the terrace at the four corners you can see sculptures from the Inflatable Candies series, including the legendary #Slonik, which was presented at the Burning Man 2019 and is intended to draw attention to the problem of abuse and extermination of elephants.
In the atrium you will find the very first sculpture created by Misha in 2016 for the sculpture park in Lucerne, Switzerland.
The D-1000, a Michelangelo's David morphed with a liquid metal terminator, T-1000 from Terminator 2, combines two of the author's biggest passions - Renaissance art and modern pop culture.

The sculpture is surrounded by four bricks from the LIBERTILE
LIBERTILE is a series of collectible bricks representing the cultural code of humanity, disassembled into bricks. Here you will find references to traditional art, fashion, sports, music, technology and more.
For the first time, collection was presented at the LIBERTILE 2020 exhibition, which Misha held during the lockdown 2020 in the Worlds most popular video game Minecraft. You will find pieces from that historical exhibition on the 3rd and 4th floors of the church.
And of course, the windows of New Era Church would be empty without the famous stained glass windows of Misha Libertee from the MVP (Most Valuable Person) series.
This project does not intend to offend someone's feelings or make fun of religious canons. It is rather a reflection of our times and a way to pay tribute to the people who influenced the modern civilization in various areas of culture. Scientists, musicians and athletes are our new idols, and the stained glass is only a carrier that can accentuate their cult-like popularity.